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Project Description

I met Marie and her daughter during a trip to Haiti.  I was struck by Marie’s quiet dignity. When I heard her story, I knew I had to help.

Nelly Gedeon, GEP Founder

Marie and her daughter lost everything when hurricane Matthew devastated parts of Haiti in October 2016. They saw the wind lift houses away into the air as they sought shelter during the storm.

They survived, they did not have much to start with, but then they had nothing at all. In the aftermath of the hurricane, they were able to put together a shelter to call home.

The Gedeon Empowerment Project leveraged the expertise of its founders and volunteers to help with the rebuilding in Haiti after hurricane Matthew.

Gedeon Empowerment Project purchased a plot of land to build a new house for the family.

We worked with locals …

Gedeon Empowerment Project work with local builders in Chantal Haiti

… using local materials.

Gedeon Empowerment anti-seismic construction

The local crew learned new construction techniques to erect safer buildings against hurricanes and earthquakes…

… and to incorporate new sustainable technologies that create more resilient constructions.

Marie’s new house was completed in October 2017.

Thanks to her new home, Marie was able to reunite with her sons and daughters.


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